Introductory Questions

1. Name: Lianne Kang
Major: Communication Design
Year: Junior

2. I have always wanted to build my own portfolio website that would reflect my art pieces.

3. I have used HTML in Type 1 class last semester. Other than that, I have no experience in any of the programs.

4. I would like to learn and be familiar with the programs and understand the underlying structure of HTML, CSS, Javascript.

5. Designing for screen allows designers to have interactive elements such as the hyperlink buttons that guide the viewers to different websites unlike designing for paper.

6. Website that exemplifies effective design: Continuous scrolling effect and smooth transitions of the background images keep the users interested throughout the whole website.

7. Website that exemplifies effective communication: Robin has cool scrolling effect that may enhance user experience.

8. Website that works well: Facebook provides various features, and those features are organized and labeled for users.